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what america's jeniuses think

and how to bone

what americas jenius's have to say
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we dont delete posts or comments, i hate that, u say what u wanna say, its a free country and a free community...but i will probably ban u if u r a republican, ubt im cool with evyerbodys views, and if u wanna join the application is , and by joining u can add one interest, or 2, or whatever but nothing thats weird and thatll make our community look bad...

political stance
1. what party?
2. abortion?
3. capital punisment?


1. sell out?
2. listen to wahts cool or what u like?
3. rock, rap, pop, techno, nothing
4. bands
5. favorite quote


1. gay?
2. religion? religious?
3. age? (u odnt have to lie nobody cares)
4. location? (if ur not from brookyln i hate u) (haha just kidding) (no im not)


1. sports? if so, what team?
2. movies? actors? shows? (boy meets world is a given, but if u dont think so...MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL...
3. books?
4. can u read?
5. hobbies?


1. r u crazy?
2. r u bored out of ur mind by this? if yes, stop and say i was so fucking bored i quit, but still post it
3. think of more questions to put on here nad i put to many, light my match and call me daddy, and then tell me

u probably will get in, i jsut like reading applications, however if u manage to get the first question wrong, then ull probably not get in...oh and if u want to know what this community is about, nothing, just talk, but if u wanna talk about osmething, just type random things that u think r funny that u found from the web or sumin...but thats just me other ppl can reject, i just will probably just htink ur ana sshole or bitch,a nad if ur not liked my i, then u might as well not have a life...hahahahaha